• Dry Cleaning

  • Think of everything you know about dry cleaning. Now, forget everything you THINK you know about dry cleaning.

    Dry cleaning is a process which uses a solvent, without water (hence the dry) to clean fabrics. The machines we use vary in size, but the idea is the same-- different solvents remove different stains. Think it's just about stains? It also depends on the brightness of the color and smell of the fabric. This will dictate which solvent is used. OK. Let's get to the point that really matters-- the filtering process. Dry cleaning involves a filtration process where the drum and solvent tumble together and when the solvent is dirty, it filters through the machine, becomes clean and repeat the process until the clothing or fabric is clean. Of course, we no doubt use the best brand name solvents and filters in the industry "to keeping you looking great".